40 Days of Internet Fasting: Day 4

Only four days in! Is that it really? It feels like it has been years!!

Today was bliss though! You know how, the days after you’ve been sick and you’re just starting to feel better, life feels so much brighter? With all the awful feelings out of the way you are free to enjoy life and everything seems so much happier just because you remember how awful it was being sick!

That was what today was like.

My crush talks to me and makes the sweetest gesture I have had all week. We spend break times for once united, the weirdy dorky types (ie. Clarinet, Johnlock and Mr. Feminine) and the cool, sporty, fashionable and usually rich kids. It’s amazing how a little bit of gossip even from one of us dorks can get everyone interested.

Of course today had it’s downs. For example, I forgot my sweatshirt and had to play rounders in the rain, shivering cold. I got lost singing in the choir in Priory. Clarinet ‘accidentally’ forgot about the new girl. I can’t blame her for that though. The new girl is lethal in sports. Lets just say I don’t want to be anywhere near her when she’s bowling in rounders! Anyway all of these cases basically relate to our grapefruit memories (what we call particularly awful memories!).

However I was very pleased when it was someone else who got told off for having her phone out in class, not me! (Not that I ever would take my phone out in class! I’m miss Goody Two Shoes!)

The hardest times for me with my phone and internet is when I get home. The temptation to use either of the two is very hard. Mr. Feminine told me today that he had messaged me five times on Facebook before remembering that I was doing the ‘no internet going on thingy’.

I’m used to going on the internet as soon as I get home. Which usually means I don’t pay much attention to homework. You have NO idea how much my grades are benefiting from this fast.

That is most definitely something I will have to make a note of when I start going on the internet again.

Friday is tomorrow! To me, Friday signals the day all my friends in Bangladesh get of school. Lets see if I can go tomorrow without talking to them – eek!

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